Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice

“I woke up one morning some time in my thirties, and realized I still thought of myself as a system kid. I was a married mother of two children, but I found myself identifying as an at-risk youth. I still somehow felt at-risk, and because of my deep-seated need to finally feel safe, I started writing.

There were so many unaddressed questions about what had happened to me as a youth, I had no choice but to start looking at them more closely. Seeking answers to those lingering questions offered me the keys that have set me free. For me personally those keys led me back to the doors of Shawbridge, and in unlocking them, I have finally found my own voice.   

Now, I’m turning the microphone over to you. Unlocked Doors is looking for your voice to join the choir. In the hundred and ten year history of Shawbridge, the stories of the people affected are missing; this is a chance for you to add your voice. Get in contact and share your story with us.”  – Erika Tafel, author of Slave to the Farm.

Find Your Voice and be part of the DocumentaryContact us for details.

If you are youth in need of help, here are some helpful links: